This is to say a huge thanks to all who stopped by at our stand at the @handmadefair. We met such lovely shoppers and fellow stand holders.

We had adire, we had ankara wax print bundles, we had fat quarters, we had cushions, we had colour, we had pattern, we had many wonderful conversations and met many wonderful people.

So many interesting people with stories about their growing fabric stashes, visits to Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana and various other African countries, their experiences and memories there, their plans to make their ankara and batik purchases into tops, dresses, headwraps, quilts and much more.






Next stop, the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexander Palace, London from October 5 – October 9, 2016 where we will have even more prints and batiks in stock.

See you there!

The Handmade Fair

Join us on from the 16th to the 18th of September 2016 at Kirstie Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair on the Green at Hampton Court Palace.

Urbanstax will be at Stand W149 with bright African Wax prints and Handmade Batik fabric from West Africa! So do come and say hello.

We have a few free tickets left to give away so if you are interested in attending, get in touch so we can post them to you in time.


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Africa Utopia 2016


WHEN: Wednesday 31 August 2016 – Sunday 4 September 2016

WHERE:  Southbank Centre, London (Map)

In 2012 Southbank Centre launched Africa Utopia, a festival dedicated to bringing art and ideas from Africa and the African diaspora to audiences in the UK. This year, discover art and ideas from Africa that are changing the world at the Southbank Centre, London.

Championed by Africa Utopia artistic collaborator, Senegalese singer and human rights advocate Baaba Maal, Africa Utopia presents talks, workshops, music and performances that celebrate the arts and culture of one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-changing continents.

Highlights include the return of Chineke! Orchestra, following their debut at the festival last year, and Mandela Trilogy, an epic operatic tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Explore social power dynamics in a play by Adura Onashile, learn traditional and contemporary African dance, listen to inspiring spoken word and discover the kaleidoscopic sounds of Asya Satti’s blues and soul.

Plus, you can taste authentic African cuisine from across the continent at the street food market.

Find out more:

Circles Ankara

Newly arrived in store we have another classic African Wax Print. This has been worn even before I was born. These colourful variations are manufactured in Ghana and printed on 100% cotton. Available in our Etsy store or by clicking on the images below.

This fabric is known in Ghana as ‘Nsu Bra’ which means water well (referring to the ripple effect created in water). It is also known as Disc or Record.




We even have Pinterest Board dedicated to fashion creations made from the circle fabric.

Visit the store for these and more bright prints and batiks. Do share you creations if you have purchased from us in the past. We would love to feature your work!


Afrocentric Fashion: Dresses

Afrocentric Fashion

Etsy has a plethora of some fabulous Afrocentric fashion designers and clothing. Here is a small selection of my current favourites in the boldest and most colourful of prints.







  1. Red Alice-in-wonderland dress by GITAS PORTAL
  2. Bird Print dress by ALUMAHANDMADE
  3. Grey Angelina dress by MY ASHO MARKET
  4. Hodari Belle Skirt by LILI CREATIONS
  5. Rita High Low Dress Jacket by RAHYMA

Chu Suwannapha

Chu Suwannapha

Chu Suwannapha is the fashion designer behind the label Chulaap.  I think the images speak for themselves, what they say to me is GO BOLD OR GO HOME. Enjoy! Visit his Instagram account for even more.

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on

A photo posted by ChuSuwannapha (@chusuwannapha) on


We Stock GTP Fabric

GTP Fabric at Urbanstax

GTP is a brand of colourful and bold African wax prints, an indigenous Ghanaian wax print brand. The brand has five labels namely: Nustyle, Adepa, Safoa, Nsroma and Institutional. We stock GTP Nustyle and GTP Safao labels.

GTP Nustyle is the flagship brand targeted at the youth market and young at heart. It is characterized by bright, vivid colours and fresh designs.

GTP Safoa is for the discerning consumer who wants a simple African print and it comes in just the base colour.

GTP fabrics are printed on 100% cotton and extremely good quality. We have had great feedback from customers, designers and crafters alike. We are proud to stock GTP as it is produced in Ghana. What better than African print that is actually Made in Africa!

Check out our range of GTP Prints in our Etsy Store. Don’t forget that we ship worldwide!


We have a collection of modern Adire fabric which are a contemporary design twist on traditional African tie-dye fabric. Great for clothing, accessories and any craft projects you have on the drawing board!

This fabric is hand-drawn and hand-dyed in Nigeria and consists of traditional Yoruba symbols each with a name and story. The stories are often words of advice from the elders, or a means of documenting social, economic and environmental conditions. The fabric is therefore like a piece of Yoruba art.

Click on each image to see further product details.




Vintage Indigo and Orange Adire





Traditionally, these were made with natural indigo dye but with the advancements in dye and textile technology, they can now be produced in pretty much any colour desired. This comes with the added advantage that the colours are fast and not run.

Available as 5 Yard bundles or smaller 2.5 Yard bundles in our Etsy store: Do get in touch if you have any questions.


We now stock Aso-oke in our online shop.

Aso-Oke (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay) is short for Aso Ilu Oke. If translated literally, this means clothes ‘from the up-country’. It is also sometimes refereed to as Aso-Ofi. It is a hand woven cloth made and worn mostly by the Yoruba tribe of South-West Nigeria. It is woven in thin strips and these strips are sewn together to make clothing.




Aso-oke is handmade on wooden looms and can often be made-to-order in specific colour combinations. In terms of traditional use and wear, Aso-oke is worn on special occasions like weddings, festivals, coronations and the like. It is something pretty special.

It is a thick fabric which is similar in texture to denim or canvas so can be quite hard-wearing and I always imagine it can be utilised in applications beyond clothing. Upholstery comes to mind!

We have a small collection which we will be adding to in our Aso-oke section. It is available to purchase By The Metre.

Do you have any sewing project on the cards that you might use Aso-oke? Do share!

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